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New Frontier Craft

Authored by Zowja


New Frontier Craft is a mod being developed for Beta 1.7.3, starting on the 27th of April in 2014 and continuing to today. This mod adds in a multitude of new ores, reformats the tool tier system, and overall adds and tweaks a lot of the in-game mechanics.

Versions of NFC 1.8.5 and beyond require additional libraries to be initialized with them in order to work (those being authlib 1.5.24, gson 2.2.4, log4j-api 2.0 beta9, log4j-core2.0 beta9, commons-lang3 3.1, commons-codec 1.9, commons-io 2.4, and guava 15.0). For that reason, it's recommended you use the MultiMC instances from the official website for installing those versions rather than trying to set them up manually.

For Minecraft b1.8.1


Requires ModLoader
(Note: This is not the latest version, 1.8.6_02 for Beta 1.7.3 is)

NFC 1.7.4 for Beta